What I Can Do For You.

Welcome to Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy by Lynette Courtney
I specialise in weight loss and the psychological reasoning behind the issue, clearing any blockages which may be holding you back from achieving your full and total wellness/potential.
You have nothing to lose but your weight, when you do my Hypnoband Weight Loss/Wellness Programme (trademark).
Another of my specialities is Anxiety, in both men and women and sadly, often, also effecting children.
Children’s issues may differ to an adults, nevertheless, they are very real to the child/adolescent.
I offer Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for Generalised Anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem/confidence and any number of causes (etiologies).
Often, specific fears and phobias may be comorbidities with Anxiety. Even bed-wetting (Enuresis) or nail biting may be the cause of anxiousness in children & adolescents.
Other issues I treat, as well as my specialties, are Stop Smoking, drinking, gambling.



Hypno-Band is a combination of clinical hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Lose weight with the power of your own mind and break those bad habits.


Addictions are not always Drug & Alcohol, as other substances and things are often an issue. Learn to manage your addictions and be free to live the best life you can.


Child and adolescent issues are one of Lynette’s passions as she believes that all children are precious and have the right to a happy, contented life, free of issues which may affect their daily functioning and feeling of well-being.