Hypno-Band Weight Loss Therapy

Hypnoband Weight Loss

Virtual Gastric-banding was first used overseas and is in thirty-four countries, so it is not new. Lynette Courtney has been practising this (and other modalities), for many years. She owns the Australian Registered Trademark for Hypnoband Australia Weight Loss System and has put her own changes and improvements into it, making it unique and her own style.

Lynette does a Psychoanalysis at the first appointment, followed by a Neurofeedback technique, discusses food and insulin effects on the body, all before the actual Clinical Hypnotherapy session, as she holds a post-graduate Psychology Degree.

Lynette’s first session is extensive and she allows two and a half hours for this. The second, third and fourth appointments require an hour and a half per appointment.

The mind believes and manifests what we feed into it and this is why the virtual gastric-banding surgery is so effective. Clinical Hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach has had a (virtual) gastric-band fitted, enabling you to eat less and feel satisfied. This results in a loss of weight and is sustainable, as it takes twenty-one days to break/form a habit.

She is also doing hypnotherapy for the sleeve as well as the band.

As the sub-conscious does not like having anything taken away, but this is replacing any previous negative thoughts with positive ones, influencing your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Lynette has a 95% success rate with the Hypnoband Weight Loss Programme and can show you many before and after pictures.

A tip is to ask your proposed therapist what is their height and weight because if they can’t look after themselves, how can they look after you?